12 sessions


Let's awaken your health, well-being and your authentic self with the "Activation Program". This will include 12 sessions tailored to your specific individual  circumstances. In your first session we will determine what needs you have emotionally and physically and write up a comprehensive wellness plan for the following 12 weeks with a combination of weekly in office therapy and home self care.

 Committing to a consistent therapeutic treatment plan will be the most beneficial approach to your personal well being. To help you on your way, the Activation package will include a complimentary wellness basket ($100 retail value). Your basket will include:

  • A collection of Essential Oil and Flower Essences carefully curated  towards your specific circumstances.
  • A complimentary copy of  "From My Hands and Heart" by Kate Mackinnon and "The Five Second Rule" by Mel Robbins.
  • Wellness worksheets and written protocol for daily personal growth and health.
  • Therapeutic niceties for a daily self care routine.